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Friday, August 19, 2011

And I'm Still Here...Update

So it looks like I will be here for a few more weeks. I talked to Kimberley, my placement coordinator, last week regarding my documents being ready in order to get the visa process started. Adventure Teaching and DYB (the company I will be working for) were not expecting me to get all my documents together so fast...which means they were planning on sending me to Korea on the 16th of August and once my documents were ready, they were going to send me to Japan to get my visa. But since I was on top of everything, they decided it will be best to go ahead and get everything processed while I am still here and then I can go to Seattle to visit the consulate once my visa is ready (this takes place of me having to go to Japan to do all of this). It is a little confusing, but I continue to go with the flow as I was told in the beginning I will need to do. Monday, I will send my documents to Korea for the embassy to process. It usually takes 10-14 days for this. After that, I will get my visa and head up to Seattle for a day to drop off more paperwork, etc (think of it as orientation). THEN I will have a more specific date of when I am leaving.

I am very excited to have more time to spend with my family and friends. It was getting a little stressful not having a plane ticket, thinking I was still leaving on the 16th, having my going away parties, and still trying to see as many people as possible while packing...BUT thankfully, I have been given a few more weeks. And as happy as this makes me, it also bums me out because the anticipation, anxiousness, and anxiety continues to build. I am ready to go. Well, as ready as I will ever be. =)


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