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Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Birthday Pictures...

Kisses from Layla on my birthday...Layla is Em's baby girl

Kodak moment

After getting my hair done in Itaewon...Em and I were coming home via subway...
this man could NOT stay awake. I lend my hand for a pillow. Good deed of the day. Oh Korea! XO 

Jacoby's Burgers...I LOVE YOU! 

Our deliciousness staring at us in the face...for the record, Em and I DID NOT finish it all! LOL

Wednesday night dinner with Joe & Steph. Fish and chips. Classic!

The Baby Guiness staff treated  us to a couple drinks for my
birthday celebration. Family owned. So kind.

Photo shoot outside the pub...

We never really landed a PERFECT picture

Love them. My friends. My family. 

Through thick and thin!

Friends for...a long time! 

Baby Guiness Pub. 

One of my lower level 5th grade students wrote this on his paper.
He asked me to read it. After failing to read it because I didn't realize
it was a word scrammble...he says, "No Teacher, word scramble." I solved the
scramble and he smiled REALLY big! It was SO cute...

While teaching my 3rd/4th grade class how to write a letter,
one student, Brian, says "Teacher, you are missing something." He came up to the whiteboard,
drew what is in red. I asked him about it and he said, "Teacher, you. This is cross. You have crown. You are angel."
Can't get any sweeter than that!

Friday, February 10, 2012

6 days!

Well...I am ready for mom's arrival. Hmm...I take that back. I am ALMOST ready for mom's arrival. There are a few more things I need to pick up from the store. Time is flying by so fast that I can't believe she will be here next Friday. We have a lot of things planned. I am hoping that we get to do it all.

She has informed me that she is going to start packing this weekend. A couple months ago, she asked me what I needed her to bring...I couldn't think of ANYTHING...starting two weeks ago, I flooded her with items. Mom has been amazing, picking something up for me every day or letting me know there is one more thing checked off the list. I can't wait for her to get here. A hug from home is needed right now.

The things I CAN tell you we are doing:
DMZ (de-militarized zone) Tour on the 26th
"Take Your Mom To Work" Day : They do not really have this in Korea...I made this up.
Fancy dinner plans

Yes, this is all I can tell you because I know she checks my blog at least once a week to see if I have a new post. A few things we are doing is a surprise for her. We will make sure to take lots of pictures for everyone.

As always,

Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting Older...

It's true...and my Korean kids LOVE to rub it in my face. "Teacher, you're so old now!" "MaLeah Tr. you are old lady." and the list goes on and on...

Saturday I turned 25 (in Korea, I am 26). A quarter of a century feels like an accomplishment. I've graduated from college, I'm teaching in another country, and paying off that student loan debt that haunts me in my dreams...I wouldn't want it any other way. Everything I've done, I have learned from and grown. The people in my life have taught me and are still teaching me new things about life and helping me mold myself into who I am. XO

My birthday week was very eventful. Two days, I pampered myself. Joe and Steph took me to an "Irish" pub on Wednesday night. We ate mozzarella sticks and calamari and then indulged with some fish and chips. The owners of the bar gave us drinks on the house for my birthday celebration. We played darts and enjoyed each other's company. Thursday, Emily and I ate at a famous burger place in Itaewon (mini America) called Jacoby's. Their burgers are beyond amazing! It was nice to have some girl time. Friday, my family and Korean co-teachers took me to dinner. We re-visited where we went when I first got here. I was really excited because I had not been to the restaurant since the beginning of October. And because the Korean ladies are joined us! Saturday, I worked in the morning. My first class was a 5th grade class. They sang "Happy Birthday MaLeah Teacher! We love you MaLeah Teacher!" I had 3 classes make cards for me and one class (3/4 grade) had a cupcake with a candle on it. When I walked into the class, they jumped up from behind their desks and sang "Happy Birthday" really loud! Emily surprised me with birthday gifts and McDonald's breakfast. It was so fun indulging in the guilty pleasure of unhealthy, delicious treats. All of my students gave me hugs. It was the best Saturday morning at work I have had! After work, I relaxed, watched some television, and hung out with Emily. In the evening, I met up with what I thought would be a small group of friends for dinner and drinks and turned into more which was awesome! I felt a little overwhelmed by how many people came to see me. After dinner and drinks, I danced with friends and strangers, enjoying the official age of 25! On Sunday, I didn't do much. I woke up early but fell back asleep (Sorry Mom, I know we were supposed to Skype). I made a delicious breakfast and watched a movie. Later on, Daniel and I went to Gecko's to enjoy the view on the 9th floor and visit. And after that, I watched another movie and fell asleep quite early. It was an unforgettably fun weekend!


Here are some pictures from my birthday week. I am still waiting on Steph to send some to me as well as Daniel. More will be posted shortly.

Emily's surprise at work on Saturday

Goof balls! Dad and Uncle Lonnie.

Getting to see my uncle and talk to him was the best birthday present!
I love you Uncle Lonnie! So happy you are doing better. XO

Dinner with the family and co-teachers on Friday

Jessie doesn't work at my branch anymore...but we stay in contact.
We have become good friends. 

My lower level 3rd and 4th graders surprised me with Birthday messages on the whiteboard,
singing Happy Birthday, and a birthday cupcake. 

And here they are!
From left: Lavy, Yuna, Ye-Ji, Daniel, and Gloria

SO cute!

Yeru is in an upper level 3/4 grade class. I was teaching them how to write letters.
She wrote a letter to me, knowing it was my birthday.