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Friday, September 28, 2012

Since Thailand. Since 4 months in 1 post.

And now that I have brought you up to date with my Asian Vacation and a quick run down on May and June, I know you are wondering how I have been since then and what has kept me so busy.

July and August were fun summer months, aside from being sick. I battled a throat infection (thank you Korean air) and tonsilitis....or something. Honestly, I have lost track of the times I have been sick here in Korea. It is becoming a bit of a joke. Especially when you hear about what is next in this post. However, there were good times to be had, and I had them. I went on a couple adventures with my hiking group, CIK (Climbing in Korea). We went river trekking, twice. As always, the first part of the hike, I thought to myself, "What was I thinking?!" but in the end, it's worth the pain. Also, there were many evenings spent with friends on our patio (aka Family Mart plastic furniture) and strolls along the river with Em and Layla. We found a cute waffle cafe about 15 minutes from our apartment - we call it Cafe Road - filled with cafes, italian restaurants, and cute boutiques. It has been one of our favorite places to walk around. There is also a nice Thai restaurant in the area as well. Oh! And in July, there was an event called "Mudfest!" It was interesting to say the least. I would go again...but change a few things...definitely get a hotel and not stay at a pension. Floors are not my fancy. Mudfest is where I met Ben. We have a mutual friend, Steve. Ben and I have enjoyed getting to know each other and we meet for church on Sundays. He has been my date on a couple occasions and we continue to develop a close friendship/bond. He'd fit right in with my friends back home. Also, Em's boyfriend, Kevin was in Korea visiting for about 2 weeks if I recall. I had a lot of fun getting to know him and finally meet the man I have heard so much about over the past year. Him and I tease each other a lot about who Em loves more. I think I win! These were the most exciting parts about the two months...

We are reaching the end of September now. In fact, tomorrow is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY being in Korea. I wish I could say I was celebrating, dolled up, a night on the town with my friends. Unfortunately, my overly active self has landed me a nice spot on my couch until further notice. Wednesday of this week, I woke up having troubles breathing. After two hours, I finally text my co-worker, Daniel, to ask him what I should do. He called me, keeping me as calm as possible until he was at my door. Right then, he grabbed my purse and helped me to the hospital. The Dr was able to see me right away...checking my temperature (slight fever), squeezing a pressure point on my hand which brought me to near tears, and pushing on my stomach as if he were trying to grab my insides (another tear jerker). Of course, we can't forget the "Open mouth say, "Ahh...(in a heavy Korean, broken English accent)"" I made my way to the xray room, confused as to why he wanted to see my bones (yes, that was what I was thinking). After about 5 more minutes, I went back in to see the Dr, watching him look at my results. Fortunately, Daniel came in with me so he could also listen to what the Dr was going to say. Daniel has been in Korea a couple years longer than I have and has taken some Korean classes. He can understand more than he thinks. Dr's results: Pneumonia. Definitely not what I was expecting. As best as he could, he tried to explain that it has affected my right lung and I will have to take antibiotics for a week, rest, and be back for a check up on Tuesday, October 2. This house arrest is boring. Did I mention that this weekend is Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)?! I had plan to go to Gwangju with Ben to see a couple museums, eat lots of Korean food, and relax. But, instead, the long 4 day weekend will be spent in Suji-gu with Ben, movies, books, and soup. Needless to say, although I'm not getting to be my usual adventurous self, I'll get to spend quality time with an amazing person. Our goal: Read a lot, watch a lot of movies, eat good food, clean my apartment, and study!! Maybe, if I'm feeling well enough, we will go to church on Sunday.

And there you have it!!

My post in a couple days will be the one you have all been waiting for...will she stay? or will she come home? Most of you may know, but the ones that don't know, I'd like to keep you on the edge of your seat for just a couple more days.


PS. I will post pictures from the last few months soon. Waiting is the best part!

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