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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Lazy Weekend

My weekend has been amazing! Saturday when I got off work, I was going to go into Suwon to see Amy but I was too exhausted...it was a good week, but a tiring week. Instead, I had dinner with co-workers then turned in early.

Sunday, I had lunch with Jessie, my elementary Korean co-teacher, at her house with her mom. Her mom's Korean home-cooking was delicious!! She was very honest when telling Jessie I am horrible with chopsticks! LOL Jessie told me her mom wanted to talk more but was nervous because she cannot communicate with me. I let Jessie know that I would LOVE for her to help translate because I want to ask millions of questions. It is a win-win-win situation. Jessie gets to practice her English, I get to hear Korean (and know what is being said), and her mom gets to hear more English and is able to ask me questions too...Jessie said next time she will do that. Her mom said I was welcome any time which means I did okay with Korean etiquette. Also, during lunch, I was asking how her mom cooked the food and we got on the conversation of a microwave for rice. Since I do not have one, Jessie's mom offered to let me use their extra one. Hesitantly, I accepted graciously...like I said, they are SO kind here, always trying to help. I can't wait to have a microwave!!

After lunch, Jessie took me to the place where she gets her hair cut. It is a 5 minute walk from her house. We enjoyed our conversation, getting to know each other on a friendship level, not just as co-workers. The lady that cut my hair did an AMAZING job. Not only did she cut it, she styled it, and gave me tips on how to treat my hair with humidity...she could tell my hair is not used to the weather here...what we call leave-in conditioner is called "lotion" here. She was SO nice...I will definitely go back!! AND it was only 10,000won!!! $10 for a cut and style, DEAL!! I looked at Jessie in amazement and she asked, "Is that too much?" I had to explain to her what haircuts cost all of us in the states...and then if you add color...sometimes $100 or more. Her jaw dropped and then she understood why I was so shocked at the price. I know I get an AMAZING deal in the states with my friend, Amy, but I don't think anyone can beat $10!

Jessie had church at 4pm so we parted ways after my hair cut. I went to Daiso (kind of like a Dollar Tree, only better) and bought some things for my apartment; picture frames, jewelry box, basket for my makeup, bowls that match my plates and coffee mugs, wine glass for the occasion that I have a glass with Em, and a few other things. I saw an ADORABLE little girl while I was shopping. She kept staring at me and then followed me around the store. When I made eye contact with her, she got a big smile on her face and said, "Hi!" When I said Hi back she said, "Nice to meet you." Her name is Sarah and I could tell she was eager to speak English but was nervous. Her mom greeted me as well however it was Korean. Then I saw a boy with two ladies, one looked like the mom and the other the grandmother. He kept looking at me so the women told him to say Hi. Apparently I am very interesting to kids. LOL They were very nice and spoke a little English. ANYWAYS...after I got home, I cleaned a little, and set up some of the things I bought. Oh, I also bought a cute dry erase board for my future grocery list and some candles (Mark was not excited to hear this but I reassured him they are no where near my curtains and that they will only be lit when I am in the room). The dinner I made was DELICIOUS!! I must say, eating a lot of Korean food has helped my cooking skills!! I enjoyed my dinner and a movie solo. It was nice and relaxing. Then I was SPOILED by getting to talk to Mom & Mark, then Dad & Denise. Still waiting to catch Sue on Skype.

Today is Monday...I talked to Matt, Juju & Carson this morning when I woke up which was an awesome way to start my "Sunday." I headed in to work to grab a couple of my books so I can lesson plan today and when I got there, everyone informed I had ANOTHER piece of mail. This time, it was from Bella!!! Yes, Bella is my cat for those of you that don't know or remember...LOL...my mom helped Bella sign the card with green food-coloring paw prints!! I can only imagine the trouble my mom had doing this. At least mom can torture her since I can't be there to do it!! It's with love though; that's the important part. Now I am in a cafe, just finished eating a half sandwich and drinking a delicious vanilla latte. I need to start lesson planning before I head to Lotte Mart (kind of like a Fred Meyer) so I can pick up a few groceries. I am hoping that I can go with Joe and Steph to Costco soon so I can buy some things in bulk (chicken, frozen veggies, fruit, etc).

That is all for now...below are some pictures that will illustrate my weekend for you!!


First haircut in Korea!!

Still working on the decor but it's a good start...

my hard earned money bought me this very comfy couch! the back rest folds down to make it a bed...will be perfect for mom's visit...and if friends need a place to sleep when they come over.

my delicious, korean inspired dinner i made!

While enjoying a vanilla latte and half sandwich in a cafe, I read my card...from Bella!! And she even "signed" it!! LOL The front of the card: "Not much going on here without you. Just keeping out of trouble...." Inside the card: "Hey you don't think the two are connected do you? Miss you!" PERFECT card!!! Wish I was home to torture Bella and make her mad...as much as she hates it, I know she misses it!!! =)

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