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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tis the Season

To get the common cold....
Korean pharmacy at its finest!!
After battling with my co-workers for the last couple of weeks about going to the doctor, I finally gave in...KINDA! I went to the local pharmacy...as you can read, I STILL didn't go to the doctor...stubborn? Maybe. Does it sound just like mom and dad? MOST DEFINITELY! My friend, Keith, is in the Army and was going to get me some "American" drugs to help with my cold, but when they try to get cold medicine, they are asked a lot of questions...SO I decided to swallow my pride and head to the pharmacy today. When I walked in, they were immediately willing to help. A man that worked there got the attention of another worker that spoke English. She asked me what I needed and I tried to explain my symptoms. Looking at me a little confused, I pointed at my nose and throat. Then she asked, "Common cold?" After I nodded, she grabbed two things, some pills and little packets that looked like a powder you add to water. She explained to me that after I eat, I need to take two pills and one packet. I needed to do this three times a day. YIKES!!

When I ate lunch today, I grabbed my medicine goods...I took the two pills as instructed. But then I got to the packet of powder....and realized I did not ask her HOW I needed to consume it. What the heck do I do with it? Whelp...Jessie to the rescue...I walked down the hall to Jessie's classroom and asked, "Jessie, what do I do with this?!" She looked at it and said, "Oh no, you're still sick?" LOL She told me that I needed to put it all in my mouth and as it dissolves I need to drink warm water. Jessie got some warm water for me and said the taste was very bitter so I needed to do it fast. Immediately I was reminded of Nyquil tasting like black licorice...GROSS!! BUT...I did it!! Not a good taste...it's like eating chalk...but within a few hours, at least I was feeling more awake and normal. The medicine in Korea, that I know of so far, is AMAZING!! I have taken my second set of pills and powder and feeling okay at the moment. I think that this combination along with my Tylenol PM will help me sleep well tonight. Wish me luck!!

I will make sure to send an update after my Thanksgiving celebration this weekend.


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  1. Waiting for the Thanks Giving update. PS: Glad your feeling better!