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Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Birthday Pictures...

Kisses from Layla on my birthday...Layla is Em's baby girl

Kodak moment

After getting my hair done in Itaewon...Em and I were coming home via subway...
this man could NOT stay awake. I lend my hand for a pillow. Good deed of the day. Oh Korea! XO 

Jacoby's Burgers...I LOVE YOU! 

Our deliciousness staring at us in the face...for the record, Em and I DID NOT finish it all! LOL

Wednesday night dinner with Joe & Steph. Fish and chips. Classic!

The Baby Guiness staff treated  us to a couple drinks for my
birthday celebration. Family owned. So kind.

Photo shoot outside the pub...

We never really landed a PERFECT picture

Love them. My friends. My family. 

Through thick and thin!

Friends for...a long time! 

Baby Guiness Pub. 

One of my lower level 5th grade students wrote this on his paper.
He asked me to read it. After failing to read it because I didn't realize
it was a word scrammble...he says, "No Teacher, word scramble." I solved the
scramble and he smiled REALLY big! It was SO cute...

While teaching my 3rd/4th grade class how to write a letter,
one student, Brian, says "Teacher, you are missing something." He came up to the whiteboard,
drew what is in red. I asked him about it and he said, "Teacher, you. This is cross. You have crown. You are angel."
Can't get any sweeter than that!

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