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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lunar New Year!

What a weekend...of RELAXATION! 

Everything I was wanting and planning to do...SCRATCHED IT! 

On Saturday after work, I did go to Hongdae with friends and stayed in a hostel, of which I failed to take pictures of...oopsy. I met some awesome people while staying the night there. There was a group of us that all hang out at least once a week, but there were others there as well. One guy was traveling from Germany and another from England, if I remember right. In the hostel, there were people from England, Ireland, Germany, America, etc. It was so much fun to hear why they were in Korea, what made them want to travel, how long they plan on staying, and where they are going next. The hostel is more like a guesthouse...there are multiple rooms with bunk beds and a few bathrooms. There is the main living/family area with a TV, couches, and two computers for use. The kitchen is also a general area for anyone to use. It was really cheap to stay and the owner is very nice and accommodating. A few people that were in my group stay every weekend...it has been their tradition since they got to Korea a couple months ago. It is a great central place to meet up and have a fun weekend together. We all sat around visiting for a few hours before splitting off to do our own thing. I believe I will stay again...in a couple weeks. 

On Sunday I went to the movies to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...very disturbing parts but overall, was a really good movie. I would definitely recommend it. Then I had Mexican for dinner...delicious! 

Monday was laid back. And same as Tuesday (today). I did laundry and made sure all my lesson planning is done for the week so I do not have to work too hard. During my work hours, I will have some time to work on lesson planning for next week...being on top of it helps the stress levels as well as give me time to think of better ideas. The better the idea, the more fun the kids have...shocking how that works. LOL

I am only working 4 days this week which I am a huge fan of. This weekend, I am going to attempt to check off a couple things from my bucket list that I failed to do this weekend. 


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