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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mish-Mash of December

Grade 5 kids hard at work!

Jake - 5th grade "Class Clown"

Our Suji Campus Newletter...For Students, By Students...
Bottom right hand corner - Joe & me (photo contest example: to have a funny picture with "DYB" logo included)

This is Justin. He was a 5th grader in this pic. Now in 6th.

David. One of my smartest students. I was also teaching his older brother, Brian. They are amazing boys.

Kyle! I am not teaching him anymore because he is now a 6th grader...but he always stops by the native teacher room to give me a hug! Miss him...

Jennifer - such a sweetie.

Sally - soft spoken. very smart. always helped other students.

Ricky 2! Another super smart 5th grader. Now 6 Zeus (smart kid class)

Elevator full of elementary kids!!

This is an every day occurrence. LOL

Kitty Cafe. This was the "Boss"

He was a special breed!

me with the cats!!

my favorite, flat faced, goofy lookin cat...

a few of my middle school kids...these boys are always full of energy

My 5th grade smarties! From left: Ray, Kyle, Jake, and Joane

Best middle school speech!!

peekin in for some candy

Christmas presents!! Thank you Mom & Mark!!

Korean co-teachers always give us treats...so much for slimming down to fit in. LOL

Jeannie teaching me how to make fake blood to scare my middle school students!! Love their imaginations. 

Dinner at Jin Joo's apartment...5 doors down from me...

Trish playin. Joe hangin out.

Jessie & Park Hyun...these ladies are amazing!!

Tina!! She is hilarious!! 

Jessie playing Green Day

Jin Joo's amazing meal. She is no longer working at DYB. She went home to study...she wants to get her teaching license. We miss her!!

The desserts from Jin Joo's dinner get-together.

Went to CO-EX Mall in Seoul...they have Seven Monkeys Coffee...of COURSE I bought a coffee from them. DUH!

all the shoes piled high from Jin Joo's dinner. Shoes off at the door. Korean custom.

My delicious chicken spaghetti I made myself. 

Vitamin E Day. Mr. Song (CEO of DYB) has this event every year. He pulls out the red carpet for us!

Looking at the stage.

Me & Em at Vitamin E Day

My Christmas brooch my mom sent me in the mail. My kids LOVED it!

My Christmas card from Emily - "To MaLitler" There is a story behind this...new inside joke for the Suji Crew. 

Elementary students making Christmas cards for their families

More Christmas cards in the making...

Simon working hard!

Version 2.0 - MaLeah Tr's style!


Douglas on the left, Ray, and in the back is Ricky 2

Terry and Jake...they were hyper while making their cards

Judy and Sally

Jake was IN LOVE with the snack...he asked to have the rest.

Merry Christmas to Suji. It snowed on the 23rd. Lasted until Christmas.

Douglas and David

International "Peace" sign...

On my way home on the 23rd. SO happy!!

Joe, freezing and annoyed that I had to stop to take pictures. LOL Thank you for humoring me my friend!

Standing in the middle of the road just to take a picture. 

Me and the snow...LOVE

Christmas goodies from one of my students! xo

James is SO creative. A pop-up Christmas card.

Christmas Picture Story

Books for Intensives...this isn't all of them...

notice the monkey on my cubby... 

Myeong-dong shopping at night!!

Myeong-dong is always busy!

only in Korea.

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