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Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Plans

This weekend should be filled with goodness!

Two nights ago, Thursday, my co-workers (Em, Trish, Joe, & Dan) and I went to an "American" style restaurant in Jukjeon which is about a 15-20 minute walk from our house. The restaurant is called "Gecko's." It was DELICIOUS! I had a cheeseburger (no bun of course) and it was the most amazing thing ever!! Those of you that know me really well also know that I had ranch on the side. It was the good ranch, not the Hidden Valley, cheap ranch. It made me really happy...so happy that I think I am going back this weekend...maybe Sunday?! We will see. After we ate, the girls and I visited while enjoying a cocktail and the boys played a game of pool, or three. It was nice to have an evening out with the family because we have not done anything together since Christmas time. With intensives keeping us busy, lesson planning, and just busy with our own things, we haven't had time to take the time. The girls and I took a few pictures because we dressed up for fun. We felt we needed a night to get dolled up - makeup, outfit, the works! It was fun...getting ready is always the best part. The boys approved of our looks and felt bad they did not try harder. Successful evening of good conversation and quality time.

Yesterday evening, Friday, I met up with Joe and Steph for dinner in Seohyeon (one subway stop from their house). I was introduced to a few of their friends they have been hanging out with lately. They were all very nice and welcoming. We enjoyed a Korean BBQ dinner then went to a foreigner bar (Traveler's) to visit. The men played shuffleboard while the girls chatted. It is always nice and comforting to see Joe and Steph. They are my piece of home...I did not stay out late because of course, I work on Saturdays. It was a good evening though.

Today I will be going to a champagne charity ball. It will benefit kids and their family's that are in Korea, living in poverty. The theme is Plain and Fancy. Some people will be dressed very plain, in a t-shirt and jeans, while others are dressed fancy, in ball gowns, dresses, suits, and even tiaras. I will be dressed somewhat in between, more of a semi-formal look. In Myeong-dong this week, I bought a dark purple dress that sits a little above my knees. I have my black patent wedges I will wear with black tights, gold chandelier earrings and gold bracelets. To top it off, I am getting my hair done too. It should be a lot of fun! Knowing how I am, I was afraid that maybe I will feel "fat" the day of the event, I bought a back-up dress. There is matching jewelry to go with the dress. You will find out which one I actually wear when I post pictures and report how the ball went. My friend/date, Daniel will also be dressed to impress. He will not tell me what he is wearing so I guess I will find out tonight when I meet up with him. This event is supposed to be very big with a lot of guests. It is going to be at a hotel called Banyan Tree Hotel & Spa. You should google it. The place looks amazing. I am excited to walk around the resort to see everything it has to offer.

On Sunday, I am hoping to sleep in a little. Then I may be going to Itaewon (little America) to try a restaurant called Wolfhound. EVERYONE talks about how amazing it is. We shall see. I also want to do a little exploring too...maybe visit City Hall...the options are endless.

Monday is my Sunday. I will be prepping for school...yay for lesson planning!!

Oh and also this week, I have been in contact with a couple girls my age that want to do language exchange. This would be an awesome opportunity for me...I will find out more next week. They work at a hotel in Seoul as receptionists and waitresses...sounds a lot like me!! We should have a lot in common. And they like to shop. =)

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


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