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Monday, October 10, 2011

Almost 2 weeks into Korea Livin...

Good afternoon family and friends! I apologize for the delay in giving you an update. It has been a whirlwind the past week and a half. I think I have informed most of you that my blog turns to Hangul (Korean) when I go to post a new blog...and I have YET to figure out which one is "Post a picture..." BUT, I will figure it out...for now, I am posting pictures on FB (Facebook) and will do my best to send out a mass e-mail to share photos as well.

First getting off the plane, instant culture shock. I had no idea where I needed to go but thankfully everyone was so nice and could see the sign stamped on my forehead that I was clueless. A couple gentleman were able to point me in the direction of baggage claim to get my bags. Then another gentleman helped me find my way to buy my limousine bus ticket because I was not being picked up at the airport...instead COEX (airport terminal) which is about 45min away from the actual airport...definitely interesting. At this point, my laptop was almost dead, along with my phone! I was trying to keep Joe and Steph updated on where I was so I could let them know where I would be to come meet up. By the time I reached my temporary housing/apt, my laptop had about 10% battery left. It was a race to get them informed on where I was. I could not plug in my computer or phone because of the internat'l plugs...no converter! The three of us got REALLY lucky!! They are literally only two minutes from my apt. Seeing them was a little relief. Joe and Steph brought me a snack to tie me over then took me to Paris Baguette to buy me rolls, a sandwich, and water. We went back to my apt so I could show them where I would be for a week or two...then headed to their place to check it out. It was awesome getting to visit.

Next day, started work! I sat in on a couple classes to observe and then at the end of the day, I taught a class. Talk about being NERVOUS!! Then on Friday, I did the same thing. After work on Friday, Cory (also a foreign teacher at DYB) took all of us newbies out to dinner...Korean BBQ = DELICIOUS!! It was a lot of fun to get to know a few people that have been here a while and then also meet other newbies that are in the same boat as me. On Saturday, Joe and Steph took me to Insadong Street...awesome market shopping along with bargaining (I have come to find out that I am not good at it). At Insadong, it has a Starbucks that is the only one that is written in Korean...all others are in English (here's your FUN FACT). It was a FUN, but long day. I was able to buy a coin pouch, backpack for school, and a pencil pouch for school as well. Sunday, I went to Doosan Bears Baseball Game!! You all know me and I LOVE my sports! It was so much fun, and lots of people.  Then it was back to work on Monday for more training...I did this until Thursday.  Wednesday, my boss took me and a couple others out for dinner...then Thursday, went out with more people to have more amazing food and drinks. =)

Starting on Friday, I had my own classes at the school I will be teaching at in Suji which from my understanding is a district in the city of Yongin. It was a rough day as I think jet lag finally caught up to me. Circles under the eyes = not attractive! But I made it through...my kids are hard to crack. I have mostly middle school and 2 1/2 elementary classes. I only see my middle school classes once a week which means of the 20 middle school classes I teach, they are all different students. Then my two elementary classes I get to see twice a week. The half class I teach, I am sharing with another foreign teacher, Emily (you will also hear a lot about her as well). Needless to say, I have over 300 students!!! YIKES...but fun!!! Every day will be different, that's for sure!!

My weekend was fun (Sundays and Mondays)! I saw Joe and Steph for a little bit. But I mainly went site seeing, etc with my new friend Amy. You will definitely hear a lot about her. She's from Chicago and her and I seem to have a lot in common. We went to Itaewon which is like a little America! There is a military base there so there are more foreigners in this area...and...there's a TACO BELL!! =) This area is popular for foreigners to go out together. Then we headed to Myeong-dong for MORE shopping...AWESOME places there!! This was all on Monday. I forgot to mention on Sunday, we explored her city of Suwon together. We plan on going on an overnight trip somewhere once a month. Planning starts this week =)

Today I start my first full week of classes...I am REALLY excited because I was able to get more sleep than before. I have a couple lesson plans ready to go...and I actually need to get going so I can get back to work. I wanted to get everyone caught up on my life real quick. Like I said, I promise to figure out picture posting soon. And I will be posting more experiences soon..


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