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Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello, hello. I am FINALLY moved to Suji!! It feels so good to be unpacked and I have taken one trip to the grocery store. It takes more effort considering the Home Plus Express is a few blocks from my apt...when you have a lot to carry, it's tiring...In the morning, I plan on taking a cab to E-Mart where I can do some more "intense" shopping. Also, I want to do a little "dumpster diving" to see what kind of furniture I can find. I do not have much in my apt right now. And as I stated in my previous post, as soon as I figure out the picture situation, I will post pics of my apt. I still need to get a mattress pad for my bed since it is ROCK HARD!! I have not been sleeping well, at all. Also, I need to get a pillow...I plan on checking Craigslist to see what other foreign teachers are trying to sell...I need a couch, desk, and maybe a coffee table or end tables. OH, also having a small kitchen table (that seats at least 2) would be nice as well...we'll see what I can find!!

Classes are going VERY well! My kids are starting to open up to me. It feels good to have SO many kids walk by the native teacher room to come say Hi to me. It makes my day knowing that they like me and they like being in class with me. It is a hard balance to make sure the kids are interested, the co-teachers (Korean teachers) are happy with your lessons, and more importantly, the parents hear good things about school from their kids...and not to mention, making sure my employer (DYB) is happy with my performance, etc. Once I understand the balance, I am assuming things will come easy.

Saturday after work, a group of us went out for my team leader, Daniel's birthday. We went bowling then had another delicious dinner at a Korean BBQ place that I have been to before. Afterwards we went to a foreigner (they call them Western) bar after. There was a pool table and dart boards. It was fun to see other foreigners and talk to them about what brought them to SK (South Korea). And it was also nice to relax with co-workers from my branch along with others. PS. My bowling skills were AMAZING! =)

Since I have not been feeling well the last couple of days, I plan on laying low. Sinuses are acting up and a scratchy throat. Emily has a humidifier...I may have to get one. I have read that some people just can't handle the difference in weather here. Amy also said the same thing today when I met up with her at Suwon Station for dinner. Now that I can actually make my apt feel like home, it will be nice to just hang out. I am supposed to meet with Amy and other foreigners on Wednesday in Suwon. We will see how I am feeling...I am crossing my fingers that early bed nights and tylenol pm will do the trick.

This is all I have for now. Hope everyone back home is doing well!! The one day of rain we had this past week made me miss home a little. It felt AMAZING to walk in the rain...weird, I know! I guess I am a true Oregonian ;)


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