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Monday, October 31, 2011

a look at some of the sites and my apartment

 Don't leave home without an umbrella...it's acid rain
 One of my closets located in the living room area.
 A drying rack/closet in my bedroom
 As you walk into my apartment, this closet is directly on the right...good place for shoes, books, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies...
 looking into my apartment from the front entrance
 my bedroom - looking at it from the "hall"
 on the other side of that wall is the front door lol
 small and cozy. no room for mess
 I'm standing in the living area looking towards kitchen/laundry
 a night in Suwon...bright lights!
 the building with the logo/sign is my apartment building. i believe this stream leads to the Han River...haven't checked my geography yet.
 first grocery shopping trip was painful...carrying all this for a couple blocks is rough. next time i'll take the shopping cart my apartment building provides...love learning the hard way...
 grocery bill. oh the joys of growing up. my costco trip will be twice as much...yikes!
 this is looking into the courtyard from my front door. i live on the 5th floor.
 a beautiful sunset by my house. the walking path is amazing!! and there is another path on the other side of the river that begins on the other side of the bridge i was walking on.

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