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Monday, October 31, 2011

New Friends! New experiences!

Dinner with the Korean elementary teachers...celebrating the new foreign teachers (me, Joe, Trish, & Em), Daniel's bday, and the remodel of our school!!

Emily aka Em from England...becoming one of my favs...

Suji crew + one (Mike from Bundang, Daniel's bro)

Jessie teacher. My one and only elementary co-teacher...she's my "Go To" girl for help!

Bowling for Daniel's birthday. Suji campus vs. Bundang campus. Suji crew WON of course!

Korean tradition - while making a toast, a beer has to have a spoon in it (kinda like a microphone). Mike is making a toast at Daniel's bday dinner after bowling

Korean women are so helpful. They helped care for Chris and Kellie's son so the couple could enjoy their dinner.

Daniel's bday cake! 

Brian on the left works in Bundang, Daniel is the birthday boy in the purple shirt (also my team leader for my work at Suji branch), and Em. 

Boss Man! Rene interviewed me and helped get me hired at DYB. An awesome mentor.

Just the 5 of us for dinner. Suji branch co-workers are awesome! From the left: Tricia (Trish), Joe, Daniel (Papa Smurf), me, and Emily (Em). Our conversations are always interesting, never dull. At the end of the day, we're like fam.

biggest korean man ive seen! in Suwon 

Happy Halloween!! - Suji crew - Daniel

the things I do to entertain my kids...and myself! 

A Wednesday night with Bundang and Daechi crews. From left: Cathy, Joon, me, Mario
dressing up as a student for Halloween was a success!

A night on the town for Halloween in Seoul. More people to hang out with!

towards the end of the night...getting tired...

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