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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First set of pictures from first exploration with Amy

This was a couple weeks ago when Amy and I went shopping in Myeong-dong...SO much fun!! Picture 1: literally, shopping on stage!! Picture 2: just seeing the shopping sites. Picture 3: Forever 21...expensive piece of America...much cheaper in the states...but worth it!! Picture 4: A bride just walking down shopping district lol Picture 5/6: FOOD!! Just for my friend Andy...gotta take lots of food pics for him!! Picture 7: Proof that I can use chopsticks! Picture 8: You can't see the guy, but I asked him if they had my size for that shoe...he said...and I quote, "Feet. TOO BIG!! No size. FEET BIG!!" Thank you Korea for establishing my BIG feet...size 9 for women...BIG!! =)


  1. Hi MaLeah, just testing the waters on posting a comment....

  2. Hi Maleah again...I haven't totally figured out this posting comment thing yet, but it is good to hear of your adventures and see pics. And as usual you look great!! Your life sounds very busy and interesting. Keep your updates and pics coming! We love them.
    Love you...Aunt Linda
    (if you click the little orange blog icon next to where it says 'unknown" you will see it's me. I haven't figured out how to get my name there yet). I am so lame. LOL

  3. You are SO great Aunt Linda! Thank you so much for the message (comment). You are doing an amazing job figuring this out =) Love you lots!!